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  1. Workshop: During a weeklong workshop participants will practice the ABC’s Model and devise the means for incorporating the model into their courses.
  2. University courses: The participants will return to their campuses and administer a pretest of cultural competency to the graduate and undergraduate students at the beginning of the semester in specific courses. At the end of each se mester, they will post test with the same instrument in the same courses.
  3. Data analysis: US and Euopean partcipants come toget her during a weeklong workshop to analyze data. At that time, they will also plan for the online implementation (online cooperation of US and European students) of the ABC’s Model in the same courses.
  4. During the third summer, data will be analyzed from the online ABC’s. Then the online ABC’s student responses to cultural competency testss will be compared with the face-to-face ABC’s cultural competency tests of the previous year.

Two workshops:

1. year at Kassel University (Germany),

2. year at LeMoyne College (USA).